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José Carlos Álvarez Domínguez

the artist


It is essential to ask the author of the images for permission, if we agree then we ask everyone who wants to use our images on their websites or in other media to put the name of the author of the same, if it is the case that they want to use them for other matters that are not specifically related to the internet, a compensatory amount may be negotiated, JOSÉ CARLOS ÁLVAREZ DOMÍNGUEZ -PAINTER, in the case of Paintings, or JOSÉ CARLOS ÁLVAREZ DOMÍNGUEZ -SCULPTOR in the case of sculptures together with the title of each work, and It would also be advisable to add a Link that directs to said Web.

Nave Colonos

Outstanding works



acrylics on canvas

Sol Naciente

Rising Sun

acrylics on canvas



acrylics on canvas